“Edutaining” Training for the Medical Field

Great Patient Service

Great Patient Service in a Wink

From “Please” to “Thank You”

This is an entertaining and educational journey that is right for everyone on the medical office team who interacts either directly or indirectly with patients. Why, that would include… EVERYONE!

Presented in an informative, entertaining manner, From “Please” to “Thank You,” is a training tool you’ll want to use in your successful practice.

Each of the “edutaining” video vignettes are supported with a printable workbook for the participant and a printable guide for the leader to make certain the most important points of the lesson are identified.

Designed to be used either in a group or an individual setting, the materials include:

  • 12 fun video vignettes that address various aspects of improving patient service
  • Printable In a Wink Think Book for the Group Leader
  • Printable In a Wink Think Book for the Participant
  • Printable Star Contract that you can customize for your office

Better patient service skills improve patient satisfaction:

  • Excellent patient service is the difference between a good practice and a great practice
  • Raising the level of patient service in your practice creates a more positive environment for patients and staff
  • Everything you need to improve patient service is already prepared and packaged for you
  • Patients expect to get the proper treatment from you, but they will keep coming back if they are treated properly by you!

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Topics Include:

  • A Walk in the Patient’s Shoes – The Patient’s Perspective
  • From Please to Thank You – Office Etiquette
  • Honestly Speaking – Telling the Truth, Even if it Hurts
  • A Waiting Room is for Patience, A Reception Area is for Patients – Your Office’s First Impression
  • Be a Guiding Light – Providing Directions
  • Scheduling Respect – Seeing Patients on Time
  • When the Wait is Inevitable – Making the Most of a Bad Situation
  • Can You Hear It? – The Power of Listening
  • Say What? – Communicating For Everyone
  • Who’s Who? – Terms of Proper Address
  • Did You Hear the One About? – Humor in the Office
  • Flair for Fashion – Proper Dress Code
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