“Edutaining” Training for the Medical Field

Telephone Success

Telephone Success in a Wink

From “Hello” to “Goodbye”

This is a fun and educational experience designed for all members of the medical office team who use the telephone. So that would include…EVERYONE!

Presented in an informative, entertaining manner, From “Hello” to “Goodbye,” is a training tool you’ll want to use in your successful practice.  Each of the “edutaining” video vignettes are supported with a printable workbook for the participant and a printable guide for the leader to make certain the most important points of the lesson are identified.

View a sample page from the In a Wink Think Book for the participant “Hold Please.”

Designed to be used either in a group or an individual setting, the materials include:

  • 14 fun video vignettes highlighting all areas of telephone training
  • Printable In a Wink Think Book for the Group Leader
  • Printable In a Wink Think Book for the Participant
  • Printable telephone procedure manual that you can customize for your office

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Telephone Success

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Better telephone skills improve patient satisfaction:

  • Improve communication with the most important person in the office – your patient!
  • Ensure that everyone who uses the telephone is managing calls the same way
  • Produce a customized telephone procedure manual for your office
  • Save your office time by using professionally packaged training

Topics Include:

  • Rings Around the Office – When to Answer a Ringing Telephone
  • Whose Job Is It Anyway? – Telephone Responsibility
  • Hi, Hello, Howdy – The Greeting
  • Mind Your Manners – Telephone Etiquette
  • Close the Call – Scheduling Appointments
  • Hold Please – Placing Callers on Hold
  • Your Estimated Wait Time – The On-Hold Message
  • Lost in the Branches of the Phone Tree – Telephone Menus
  • When You Need Backup – Transferring Calls
  • Massage the Message – Leaving and Taking Messages
  • It’s for Me! – Personal Calls
  • Chatty Callers – Dealing with the Talkative Caller
  • Patience with Patients – Handling the Unhappy Caller
  • Stammer and Stutter with Style – Handling Tough Questions
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