“Edutaining” Training for the Medical Field

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Got Service?

Everything I Learned About Patient Service, I Learned From Dairy Farming

Here is a homespun look at a number of service topics that are fundamental to great patient care. Developed with the entire medical staff in mind, this fun, easy read can spice up even the most routine meeting.

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The Benefits to Your Practice:

  • Increased patient service skills enhance your value to your patients
  • Twelve unique messages create the basis for a year’s worth of monthly staff meetings
  • Exercises at the end of each chapter help to cement the learning
  • Written in a fun, whimsical manner, it helps to keep everyone’s attention so learning can take place
  • The educational experience can be done in a large group or individual setting
  • An investment in the staff is an investment in the practice

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Topics Include:

  • Things You Can Learn From Farming the Heartland (Paying Attention to the Little Things)
  • A Face You Can Trust (Developing Patient Trust)
  • Give Them Candy Canes and American Flags (Patient Needs and Wants Versus Practice Needs and Wants)
  • Blah, Blah, Blah (Listening)
  • Getting the Message (Taking Messages)
  • Cameras on the Front Porch (Professional Conduct)
  • It’s Just Desserts (Handling Stress)
  • Words, Words, Words (Use of Technical Language)
  • For Golly Sakes, Just Say “Sorry” (Upset Patients)
  • Good Intentions Just Aren’t Enough (Actions Speak Louder Than Words)
  • A Walk in Their Shoes (Seeing the Office From the Patient’s Perspective)
  • Give ’em All the Best! (Prejudging Patients)
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